Sunday, 6 March 2016

Stick Insects

We are learning about 'Insects'.

This week we looked at 'Stick Insects'.
We found out that they have 3 body parts.
They have 6 legs and they hatch from eggs.
They can camouflage themselves to look like the branches on trees.
The Maori name for a stick insect is 'Ro'.
They eat leaves.
*We made our own stick insects out of sticks. They are very cute. Come and have a look.

Room 9a went home on Thursday and all the stick insects were on the Science Table. When we came to school on Friday all the Stick Insects were on our insect tree at the back of the classroom. We think they decided to explore our classroom and found a lovely place to Camouflage on.
What do you think happened?


  1. Super learning Room 9A with your work on insects (and making stick insects). I think they may be hiding using their camouflage on that awesome display in your room! I'll have to come and investigate!

  2. Oh my goodness! Those stick insects are super clever at camouflage! And you are super clever at making them! Room 20 and Mrs Trembath

  3. wow i love the trees and the insects