Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Grandparents visit Room 9a

Room 9a was very lucky today. We had 5 grandparents come into the classroom to read with us.

The children loved listening to the stories and loved hearing about school dinners, where they went to school and how they got to school. We had 2 grandparents who went to school in England.

Thanks so much for coming to visit and giving up your day. We even had grandparents travel up from Taupo last night to be here.

 Laura's Nana is reading a book in Chinese. 

 The children loved listening to this story.

Charlotte's Grandad went to school in England. 

He used to have school dinners for lunch.

Roman's Poppa lived in England too. He grew up in a cottage that had a big garden he spent lots of time playing in.

Jade's Nana came up from Taupo last night to be with us today. She grew up in the South Island.

Jade's Grandad grew up in Invercargill. He used to walk home to have lunch every day.

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  1. Hello Room 9a friends. How lucky you are to have had such lovely experts to share what they did when they were your age. Oh no...Miss S would have to walk a long way home to have her lunch. Lucky we have Mrs Coombes at Sunnyhills. Keep up the super learning : ) Miss S