Thursday, 9 June 2016

Toys, Toys, Toys.

We are learning about Toys. 
We enjoyed a fantastic trip to Motat last week and this got us inspired to make our own soft toys.
Fist we looked at pictures of soft toys and brought soft toys to school.
Then we drew a plan of what we wanted our soft toy to look like, onto paper.
Mrs Newman then cut a template out of calico.
Then we coloured the template in and added the details using fabric pens.This was quite tricky as the material kept moving.
Next lovely Charlotte's Nana took the templates home and sewed the two pieces together as Mrs Newman's sewing machine had broken.
Today we stuffed the toys with stuffing and Charlotte's Nana came to school with her sewing machine to sew the last part up.
They look amazing Room 9a. You are all so clever.
A big thank you to Charlotte's Nana, she is a star.


  1. Wow, those stuffed toys are so cool room 9a. Awesome work done to create them! I bet it was a lot of fun. From Jessies' mum.

  2. Tannah,Sienna,Winnie and Kate6/24/2016 11:45 am

    Amazing work 9a we really enjoyed looking at your drawings and how they became real toys! Was it exciting seeing everyone's toys come to life!