Thursday, 4 August 2016

Maths 'Fractions'In Room 9a we having been learning about Fractions for Mathematics.We cut up pieces of fruit and vegetables into halves, quarters and thirds.Then we talked about using half, quarter and thirds in real life.We thought a cooking activity would be a good way to use them so we played the pizza game and borrowed Mrs Dijkstra's fruit and cake to cut up.Then we made play-dough in groups using a recipe that used half and quarter measurement cups.Next we took a plastic knife to cut up our play-dough snakes into half, quarter and thirds. We had lots of fun in maths this week.


  1. Hi Room 9A, we learned about fractions last term. I like how you measured halves and quarters of cups just like big people.

  2. I like how you cut your snake into thirds with playdough.

  3. I love your frations girls and boys.