Friday, 18 November 2016

Room 9a's Wedding

We are learning about Celebrations.This week we learnt about Weddings.What does a wedding look like? Who is involved in a wedding? Where do they take place? Why do you get married? What do you wear? How do you get there? To answer some of our questions we decided to act out a wedding just like when we act out our shared book on Thursday.We all became a character in the wedding and talked about what we needed to organise for the big day.

On Monday we planned our wedding and choose our character.

On Tuesday we made invitations and invited one guest each to our wedding.

On Wednesday we made wrapping paper and wrapped a present for our guest.

On Thursday we iced 2 cupcakes each, 1 for our guest and one for us for the wedding cake.

The wedding was amazing and Mrs Newman was very proud. We wished we could have invited all the Junior School.

Watch the video it's so cute.

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